2022 Information

*Front and Rear wheel guards required on motorcycles.

24hr Numb Bum Race – February 19 & 20, 2022

  • 10:30am – Riders Meeting
  • 11am – Parade Lap
  • 12:00 noon Saturday- Race Starts
  • 12:00 noon Sunday – Race Ends

Official classes for the Numb Bum 24hr Endurance Ice Race:

Bike Pro Open
Bike Novice

Red Eye 

Quad Open

PDRA Endurance Ice Racing Rules/Transponders

You can find a copy of the rules here: PDRA Endurance Ice Racing Rules.pdf

Timing transponders will be provided at the race. You will not longer need to rent or bring your own transponder but there is a 20$ deposit that is refunded when the transponder is returned. At registration your team captain will be able to sign out the required transponder.

Pit Information: 

Try not to take up too much room. Don’t park parallel to the pit lane. Back trailers or vehicles in. 
Pit is open to all fans so be aware of lots of pedestrian traffic. 
You need 2 fire extinguishers per team. 
2 hand sanitizer per pit.
A sign with the team name, number & class is required at each pit.

Spectator Information

Be sure to bring enough water, food and supplies for your team. Onoway is the closet town about 20 minutes away with a grocery store, gas station etc.

Come out, watch the race and support the riders! With 24hrs of non stop racing from noon on Saturday till noon on Sunday you can’t say that it won’t fit into your schedule. We will have a ring road this year that will provide spectacular views of the race. There will be parking areas along the ring road that will provide almost a 360 degree view of racers. 
Spectator access to the ice is $10 (Kids under 10yo are free). Half of all proceeds go to be community league and is done by volunteers. They will have a waiver for everyone to sign to access the lake. Parking and access to the ring road available on the ice.

Map showing ice access from Edmonton. There will be a map provided at sign in providing details of all areas of the race and signs providing direction.

Conversion Factors and Ice Thickness

Use this as a guide to your ice safety! It can be printed off and used as a reference guide to ice thickness and weight of machines and vehicles on the ice.

Click here to download the PDF