Welcome to the PDRA registration page. If you want to participate in our next event, this is where you start. The registration process consists of several steps and you must complete all the steps to be registered.

This online registration is the only way to register for our event.  In order for the race to proceed this year we must have 90 riders (not teams) registered by January 24 2022. We will be following any requirements set out by AHS or any other agency having jurisdiction over our event. At a minimum, proof of double vaccination or a negative Covid test are required from all participants. Participants should be prepared to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result at anytime during the event.

New For This Year

The village of Sandy Beach is not renting the hall to anyone, so everything will be taking place on the lake.

Transponders will be handed out at the lap count trailer only. The team captain will get the transponder.

Helmet stickers, wrist bands etc will also be given to the team captain who will then distribute them to his (or her) team members.

This years race will be a “bare bones” event, that is no T shirts, no programs, no finishing plaques. It is not up to our usual standards and not what you’ve come to expect a PDRA event to be, but it is a reflection of the current economic situation. Hopefully future events will return to our normal standard.

Obviously we are doing our best to make this years race happen. Now we need you guys to help us out. Without 90 riders registered the race will not happen. We realize this is asking a lot but it is necessary. If you’ve competed in the past you know how much fun it is!  Now convince your riding buddies to give it try!

FEES – Important!

Your card will not be charged, your registration will not be complete, and you will not be registered into the event until the signing parties on the e-waiver confirm their signature(s) by responding to the text/SMS or Email that will be sent.
When the signing parties confirm their signatures, we will attempt to charge your card. If it succeeds, you’ll be sent an event confirmation email. If the payment attempt fails, we will send a notification and request you try a different payment method.It is IMPERATIVE that you provide a good email and mobile number if you want to complete your registration

In the event that the race is canceled 100% of the race entry fee will be refunded. This does not include fees charged for online registration. If the race goes ahead and YOU decide to not participate that is your decision and you won’t qualify for a refund.